DIY–Top 10 Invitation Making Steps

 - by Yvonnechock

Without the detailed terms at first, let us come to the topic. Take a look at these tips about making your own wedding invites. DIY Wedding Invitation Collection

Inspiration comes from anywhere, from fabrics and furnishings to papers and greeting cards. Sometimes looking at what other card makers are doing will give you inspiration.

Just an ordinary pair of household scissors, a ruler and some card to cut on is all you need. So don’t spend a fortune, unless you’re going to make it a long term hobby.

Using repositionable adhesive will make your card making easy. It allows you to move your paper and embellishments around the card to ensure you’ve got it just right.

Try making your own embellishments with beads and crystals. They’ll make your wedding invitations chic and unique.

Experiment with using different areas of the card. The main focal point doesn’t always have to be in the centre of the card. Think about using the left hand side, bottom or even top of the DIY invitation. Wedding Invites DIY Idea

Use a computer for your inserts, unless you’ve got lovely handwriting. You can easily set up an A4 sheet of paper to print out a number of inserts. Then simply cut them to size for a professional finish.

Don’t throw anything away! You’ll be able to use all your bits of paper and left over ribbons and embellishments for other cards. Keep them safe as you will be able to use them again.

Finally, don’t forget to collect your creative ideas about DIY at any time in advance. And keep in mind that less is often best. Do not over do the bits and pieces on your invitation, and that is simple means elegant.

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