Bridal shower Etiquette: Q & A

1. How many bridal shower parties are you having?

58% of the people choose one shower, 29% of the people choose two showers, 9% choose 3 shower, 4% choose 4 showers. No matter how many bridal showers you have, a bridal shower is for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. There is no "rule" that says you should not have two separate showers. Formal bridal shower party has two wedding showers. One for the fiance's sisters and friends, and another for their own friends and family.

2. Should I control my bridal shower budget?

You should keep in mind that your wedding ceremony budget is one of the main subject of your wedding budget, so you should pay less than you planned. You just need something cheap and modern. If you are in full swing of shower planning, you can ask your friends who remember getting a cool favor at a shower.

3. who will be invited to my bridal shower?

You need give your mom a bridal shower guest list if your mom host the party. You don't have to invite every woman who's invited to your wedding. You can invite your female relatives, the groom's family, your mom's best friends, your college pals, even your coworkers...

4. Do you need send bridal shower invitations?

Bridal Showers have always been the most memorable part of a wedding .You must send your bridal shower invitation cards 4 weeks before the party, and make sure your guests can reply you as soon as possible.

5. Is it necessary to buy gifts for your guests?

No. You needn't. What's the main event at a bridal shower? Opening the gifts. Yes, you can get many memorable and unique gifts from your friends. Finally, all bridal shower attendees should be properly thanked with a note or a small gift.

If you have enough money for your bridal shower or you want a more unique wedding shower party, you can choose to have a green theme shower, purple shower, beach shower, modern restaurant shower...