Save The Date Cards

Make sure your friends and family keep your wedding date available. Save The Date cards can make your day easy to remember and fun to reserve. Our Save The Dates have an unique design to match your wedding invites.

Etiquette tips for Save-the-dates

When planning your wedding, one of the first things you are gonna do it to send out your save the date announcements. You are gonna want to send out your save the date announcement after you have chosen your wedding date and the venue where you'll be getting married.

Whether it is a customized announcement or more home-made fun and crafty announcement, it's really important that the two of you get involved of this together as it would be the first time your friends and family witness this collaboration.

If you are looking for something different, type into your imagination.. If one of you has photography as a hobby, maybe take a picture of the two of you with the details of your wedding included in the photo. Print it out and send it to your friends and family. Maybe include a match book in the picture of the restaurant the two of you went to on a first date. Maybe even use a stripe of photo booth shots and turn them into a refrigerator magnet.