Thank You Cards Etiquette

Wedding is an important occasion in one's life and there are actually etiquettes that you should take care of in the wedding. Wedding invitations as we know are the communication tool between the couple and the guests. Thank you card is one of the invitation cards that representing your gratitude for the guests presence and thanks them for making your wedding a success.
And there are actually severally tips for you to be aware of when preparing the wedding.

  1. It is the cards that sent after the wedding showing your gratitude to the wedding. Everyone appreciates a thank-you note after the wedding and the sooner the better.
  2. If the thank you cards are sent for the receiving the gifts, then you should better send the cards two weeks after getting the gifts.
  3. As for the wording, it usually doesn't need quite complicated words like a wedding invitation. Instead, simple words like thank you with some other information will be enough.
  4. The design of the cards is supposed to go with the whole theme of your wedding in that they are also part of your wedding. To make them more charming and unique you can add your honeymoon photos in the card so guests can know the latest information about you.
  5. Handmade thank you cards are much more sincere in showing your gratitude. With handwritten wordings, the guests will be moved by your sincerity.

The tips recommended above will more or less help you have great thank you cards and your guests will see your politeness and the time and effort you spent on them.

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