Wedding invitations etiquette

Planning for a wedding is never easy and it involves much time and effort to make proper decisions about what to do and what do not do. And as to the wedding wording etiquette, there are several tips you should be aware of:

1. It is the first impression people get to know about your wedding hence it must be properly designed to ensure the big day run smoothly. And make sure that your wedding is written correctly is also very important.

2. As to the formal wedding invitations, the full name of the bride and groom are necessary to be presented in the invitations. So does the wedding place, time and date and the corresponding phone number.

3. The names of the bride and the groom should be written correctly so that the guests will not misunderstand the meaning. Besides, the bride’s name should write prior to the groom’s name.

4. As to the time of sending the wedding invitations, it is supposed to be sent two to three months before the wedding to give plenty time for the guests to make plans and especially guests who are living out of town.

5. Since it is a connection tool for such a big day, it is essential to make the wording of the invitations correct. Try to stay away from slang terms and choose appropriate language. What?more, make sure you express your thought clearly so that the recipients can get it easily.

As to the informal wedding invitations, photo wedding invitations can be perfect for all seasons and wedding themes.